More than 30 years of active experience as an Artist/Illustrator, Designer and Consultant in both Web and Print Media.
PRINT: Design, Illustration and mechanics for Magazines, Books, Brochures, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Mailers, Posters, Post Cards, Signs, Silk Screen, and much more!
ILLUSTRATION: Digital as well as Freehand Illustration. Architectural Illustration, Visual/Conceptual Landscape/Hardscape Design and Illustration.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographic Editing, Enhancement, Special Effects and Restoration for framing, web and high resolution professional press quality use.
BRANDING: Corporate Identity, Logos, Stationery and Essential Collateral Materials, Tag Line Development.
WEB DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT: Complete Design/Build Services
SOCIAL MEDIA: Corporate and Individual applications.
Steve has been an Art Director for a national, medical non-profit as well as a consistent hands on production Artist and Consultant.
Steve attended a small, private art school (Chalfonte School of Fine Art and Design) where he studied for 9 years under the direction of R. D. Chalfonte, A Creative Director with the US GPO as well as a professional Fine Artist. His paintings are on display in various museums as well as the Vatican. Studies included all aspects of Commercial Art, Design and Fine Arts.
Due to the early onset of his education he was awarded his first freelance contract at the age of 12.  Art and Design have remained a passion ever since.
"Be it Freehand or Digital, every aspect remains fascinating"
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"Your work is beautiful and dynamic. You're a wonderfully gifted artist with an intuitive eye for design that teaches many lessons applying to every endeavor we undertake. It's pragmatic mathematics, calculus with color and emotion."
Terry Kirk, Edward Fields International (South Africa)
"Your artwork has always amazed me... your ability to transfer that talent to the computer makes it that much more impressive..."
Mike Leighton-Herrmann, Home Builder, Real Estate Developer. Southeast USA
"Awesome! I highly recommend working with this talented designer"!
Marla Hannah Sadler, Client Relations and Event Manager, Food Design Catering & Events. Greenwich Connecticut
"Does Steve Tayman know what he's doing or what! The man is incredible".
TRWB America (Military Non-Profit) National
"Steve designed a great website for our town. Everyone loves the site. Working with Steve on the design was a great experience".
Nora Brophy, Windermere Parks and Recreation. Windermere Florida.
"Tayman by Design continues to create a fabulous yearbook for our club. From illustration and design, right through the printing process. We highly recommend working with Steve Tayman".
Membership of W.R.Y.C. (West River Yacht Club, Edgewater Maryland)
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